Why Systems Fail

Unfortunately, septic systems have a lifespan. They last according to how they are used and maintained. Replacement can be terribly expensive and permits difficult in concept.

Contributing factors to septic system failure are:

  • * Lack of maintenance, pumping of tank
  • * Use of Antibiotics, Antibacterial cleaners, soaps, solvents, chlorine etc.
  • * Breakage of inner septic tank deviding wall (requires tank change).
  • * Lack of septic tank outlet pipe tee, baffle or filter which allows solids to enter leaching bed.
  • Breakage of perforated pipes
  • Rags or objects blocking inner tank outlet pipe.
  • Saturation of leaching bed of either existing ground water or new neighbouring incoming water.
  • Saturation due to fixture leakage or connection to weeping tiles which is a big “no-no”.
  • frost due to rich water to sewage mixture.
  • Depth of bed too deep.
  • Poor surface grading.
  • Too small to accommodate occupancy.
  • Perculation of leaching bed materials.
  • Backfilling around leaching bed.
  • * Leaching bed has had lots of use.
  • * Time

Verify that some of these conditions could be existent such as simply leaky faucets, toilets, inner tank blockages, broken pipes etc.

* Our services restore septic system leaching bed issues caused by the highlighted contributing factors listed above.