How It’s Done

The homeowner or business owner contacts us for our service. We setup a service appointment. The homeowner or business owner gets the septic tank pumped out just prior to the scheduled appointment. Within a couple of days prior to our arrival. The homeowner or business owner leaves the covers exposed for inspection. Customers may want to caution the area to avoid any accidents.

Our professionals will arrive with a cargo van. Fully equipped with a sophisticated treatment plant and treat your septic system leaching bed. We would recommend that the homeowner or business owner be present during the treatment and fell free to observe the process and benefits of the treatment. Once the treatment is complete and our fitting is removed the homeowner or business owner may bury the tank covers.

If a septic system has been failing or is in poor condition the tank may need to be pumped more than once and may require a few after treatments. In the case of an operational septic bed usually one treatment is adequate and the homeowner or business owner may observe improvements in topical grass growth.