Buying a Home

There is always the question of…Buying a home with a good Septic System. Or…Is it faulty?

We cannot consult on the condition of a system for sale or purchase. But…There are two major benefits to getting treatment done. With the consent of the home seller, the potential purchaser or agent could potentially observe how well the leaching bed absorbs and performs during the treatment process. The leaching bed will either take in the pressured hot treatment with ease, moderately or not very well. It is to be noted that blockages usually clear during treatment. You can observe pressure build up and pressure release on our gauges. The blocked septic systems usually recover to normal pressure levels. The purchaser or agent can form his own opinion and decide if he or she is satisfied. The second great benefit is that a treatment has been performed. The Leaching Bed shall thereon have the full benefits of the treatment and the new homeowner can potentially feel at ease.