How It Works

A septic system treatment consists of a powerful controlled high pressure HOT Flush with the addition of live bacteria and oxygen infusion.

To best describe the septic system treatment process, imagine your leaching bed like a can of sardines. A sealed can will last for many years. Now open the can exposing it to oxygen. Oxygen is a huge bacterial necessity which is why some pre-treatment units have oxygen generators.

Many leaching beds suffer from lack of live bacteria due to a new generation of accelerating antibacterial use, chlorine, solvents, soaps not to mention MSG’s. Yes we did mention solvents, unfortunately people forget where it goes. The addition of live bacteria is therefore essential to septic systems and provides the ingredient it needs to regenerate and operate to it’s engineered design.

Heat, bacteria loves heat! Not to mention the dissolving power of hot effluent. In addition, pressure! The solution is pushed in under pressure. This accomplishes five things, distribution, absorption, flushing and perforation of blocked perforated piping.

It’s all going directly into the septic system leaching bed where it needs it the most, through one fitting! Without an excavator, without the huge mess, without the huge cost.