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How It’s Done

The homeowner or business owner contacts us for our service. We setup a service appointment. The homeowner or business owner gets the septic tank pumped out just prior to the scheduled appointment. Within a couple of days prior to our arrival. The homeowner or business owner leaves the covers exposed for inspection. Customers may want to ... More

Money Back Guarantee

Even when your septic bed is oversaturated or too far gone to save. We will honour our Money Back Guarantee. We fully understand customer concerns. We ensure customer satisfaction by removing financial risk of the property owner with our simple money back guarantee. Details: If your septic bed fails within 1 year of having the ... More

Important Info

Though it has to be noted that some systems may not be saved. Some are damaged, saturated or plugged beyond repair. None of the existing conditions could possibly be visible or detected prior to treatment. It is also worth noting that due to the performance of the treatment, it is well worth the opportunity to reverse a poorly performing ... More

Septic system treatment, septic tank leaching bed maintenance repair bacteria treatment

How It Works

A septic system treatment consists of a powerful controlled high pressure HOT Flush with the addition of live bacteria and oxygen infusion. To best describe the septic system treatment process, imagine your leaching bed like a can of sardines. A sealed can will last for many years. Now open the can exposing it to oxygen. Oxygen is a huge ... More

Why Systems Fail

Unfortunately, septic systems have a lifespan. They last according to how they are used and maintained. Replacement can be terribly expensive and permits difficult in concept. Contributing factors to septic system failure are: Breakage of perforated pipes Rags or objects blocking inner tank outlet pipe. Saturation ... More