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Why You Could Also Treat a Functioning System

Treating a functioning septic system assures a longer life and smooth operation. A functioning system simply has a better chance of full absorption. A failing bed resumes operation after a treatment, therefore you can just imagine how your operational septic system can benefit. Is it worth waiting for an unpleasant surprise? ... More

Other Services

Field Bed repairs Field Bed designs and installation - Licenced Excavation services Private and public sanitary sewer and water installation and repairs Sewage Lagoon Rehabilitation With the help and direction of Ecological Laboratories Inc. we can provide sewage lagoon rehabilitation services. Please visit their ... More

Does the Bacteria Work?

If we didn't believe in it, we would not have invested in this system! There are a huge variety of products available! Which are real? Well in our case it's fairly easy to see. Most products, produce, encourage or transforms to bacteria. Some are odourless, and all different colours! It can be confusing! Once you see and ... More

Septic System Observations

In most cases, where the septic system leaching bed isn't performing well or not functioning at all. During treatment, we observe a steep pressure climb once the pipes are pressurized then a slow pressure decline and finally ease of flow. Which indicates that many blockages have been eliminated. It's definitely a great ... More

Why We Exist

With over 25 years in septic system services, installation, repair and design as a licenced contractor we have seen an emerging problem where todays septic systems are increasing in size and complexity. Thus creating a burden and life changing landscaping issues for a vast majority of homeowners and businesses needing a septic ... More

How It’s Done

The homeowner or business owner contacts us for our service. We setup a service appointment. The homeowner or business owner gets the septic tank pumped out just prior to the scheduled appointment. Within a couple of days prior to our arrival. The homeowner or business owner leaves the covers exposed for inspection. Custom... More

How It Works

A septic system treatment consists of a powerful controlled high pressure HOT Flush with the addition of live bacteria and oxygen infusion. To best describe the septic system treatment process, imagine your leaching bed like a can of sardines. A sealed can will last for many years. Now open the can exposing it to oxygen. ... More

Why Systems Fail

Unfortunately, septic systems have a lifespan. They last according to how they are used and maintained. Replacement can be terribly expensive and permits difficult in concept. Contributing factors to septic system failure are: Breakage of perforated pipes Rags or objects blocking inner tank outlet ... More